Specifications prices Modifications and Image  Audi MTM R8 GT 2011
Modification company that is under the umbrella of Volkswagen, MTM, making modifications revolutionary against two Audi models, namely the Audi R8 is equipped with devices Bi-Turbo. As a result, workers who sprayed machine model that was absolutely fantastic.

Machines that can produce power 766 hp (571 kW/777 PS) and up to 888 Nm (655 ft-lb) of torque. Then biturbo kit is expected to get the speed to more than 360 km / h is estimated before the test. And the result after testing the touch diangka 347.6 km / hour.

 Complementing the performance of a powerful engine, MTM also change the look to be more fierce. Car body coated with chrome after dibalur special paint, which emits a unique sheen.

Process of coating the body it takes 700 hours. Interestingly all the exterior use of carbon fiber material that is strong, so the car is also lighter weight.

 Dashing impression not only emanating from the screen that membalurnya, but also from extra large rear spoiler and a rim measuring 20 inches. Rim of the alloy material is used seven palang.MTM complete with MTM braking device with eight-piston calipers VA measuring 380 x 34 millimeters. It was intended to offset the tremendous speed in the car.

Likewise, Audi R8, this model also uses 20-inch rim size MTM Schmiederad Bimoto.Upgrade 8 piston brakes, new front lips and rear spoiler. Then the other improvements that support the comfort of driving and driven with a 4WD system with six-speed manual transmission. This is all made ​​with the expectation that a car can provide a wonderful driving experience.

MTM R8 alteration results priced USD 550,500 or approximately USD 5 billion.


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