Specifications prices Modifications and Image BMW X3  2011
BMW entered the increasingly frenzied first half of 2011. After presenting a BMW M Coupe and 5 series, is now ready to present the BMW X3 SUV to the market four-wheeled world.
X3 is equipped 3.000cc petrol engine, 6-cylinder, twin-turbo, direct injection and Valvetronic. Energy is released 306 hp at 5800 rpm and torque of 400 Nm at 1200-5000 rpm.
Acceleration 0-100 kpj X3 xDrive35i accomplished in 5.7 seconds. Maximum speed of 245 kpj. Fuel consumption 11.4 km / liter and carbon dioxide emissions 204 g / km.
While type X3 xDrive 20d diesel offered in two variants of the Business (USD 828 million - off-the-road) and Executive (Rp 898 million - off-the-road). Engine 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel X3 xDrive20d burst power 184 hp at 4000 rpm and 380 Nm at 1750 Nm.

"You can use the X3 xDrive20d from Jakarta-Semarang-Jakarta without refueling," promotion Divyanathan Ramesh, President of BMW Indonesia. According to BMW, 1 liter of diesel consumed X3 xDrive20d can roam up to 17.9 km. X3 xDrive20d issued only 147 g CO2 per km.
All X3 armed with 8-speed transmission and features Auto Start / Stop (one part of the EfficientDynamics). X3 also steal EPS (electronic power steering), regenerative brake energy, and the tires had low rolling resistance.
The second generation X3 has 550 liters of luggage volume to 1600 liters. "New X3 is larger and versatile than its predecessor," said Ramesh.

LuxuriousProblem, luxury, can not be denied. To set the driver's seat, done only by pressing a button. As for the engine, press the foot brake pedal, push the button "Start / Stop" with your left hand behind the wheel, the engine instantly "brooomm ...".
For new owners, who need to be studied is the operation of the "P" parking, and "Auto-Hold". Moreover, habitual use of a car with hand brake lever on the center console model. In X3, the parking brake is operated via the buttons at the top of the transmission rod ("shifters") and the "P" others in the center console box.
One more button in this section is "Auto H (old) function to keep the vehicle does not move or stay put even though the transmission is in the" D ". The condition is also very helpful when stopped at the ramp because, X3 is also equipped with" Hill Descent Control. " For the road again, just hit the gas pedal. Very fun!
Luxurious interior! Seat and the inside is coated (trim) with a comfortable leather occupied. Incidentally xDrive 35i is trying its interior (including seats) bright orange, red brown (red brown). This version also comes with a glass-roof.

 ComfortFor the convenience is very steady. In addition, when asked to cornering or turning at high speed, feels stable. All thanks to features such as Cornering Brake Control and traction system. Once when turning or moving lane, though his posture is quite high, but the X3 is able to maneuver with a steady and convincing!
Infotaiment system, mainly touched Bluetooth connection with the iPod Touch and Android smartphone. All went well! Brake is also okay! Although pressed a little, feel directly work!
Start-StopDuring the trip, especially in the city, note the system "Start & Stop" when operated (the system can be turned off). After driving at speeds above 10 km / h, and then stops, in seconds, the engine died instantly! For this, there is also a sign on the instrument panel. This condition can be felt by the driver. For the road, drivers need not bother, just press the gas pedal! X3 direct drive!

BMW X3 X3 xDrive35i become expensive with the price of USD 1.028 billion (off-the-road).


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