Specifications prices Modifications and Image  Audi  A6 2011
Outside view similar to Audi A6 A7 and A4. This is justified by Thomas Hagg, Audi AG representative in attendance at the event Auto Bild Test The Best. Thomas said that the design characteristics as brand new image of Audi. So anyone who saw it will immediately find out if this is one of the Audi product.
However, when considered in more detail, see if the main light alone is different. Headlights and taillights latest generation A6 is decorated row of LED which make it more sporty.
LED is a lamp capable of emitting light that is similar in the daytime. Each of these lamps requires only 40 watts of electrical power so that energy efficient.

 While Audi DRL use 24 LED lights with adaptive light control and high-beam assist, which provides maximum visibility without blinding other road users. Adaptive lighting systems with different light settings when driving in town or on the freeway or out of town.
Wrap the luxury of a special gift for the driver and passenger. Wood panels that decorate the interior of the same kind as those existing in the quality yacht bully. It was clear that the A6 close to the next grade A7 and A8. Also very luxurious interior design, and the instrument panel provides clear information and easy to read.

 2967 cc turbo diesel engine is very powerful. This machine makes A6 able to penetrate the speed of 100 km / h from rest in just 6.1 seconds. Naturally because of 245 hp is achieved at 4,000 rpm spin, while peak torque of 500 Nm from 1400 rpm to be enjoyed.
When we tried it at Bridgestone's proving ground, was once a very rapid acceleration thanks to powerful torque that helps the car achieve high speeds with ease. Score of 200 km / h on the speedometer had a touch before we meet with banking road.
this car is priced £ 30 145 or USD 431 million.

Engine: 2967 cc V6 turbodiesel, 245 hp
Maximum torque: 500 Nm/1.400-3.250 rpm
0-100 km / h: 6.1 seconds
Fuel consumption combined:
16.7 km / l (claim)
Top speed: 250 km / h (claim)
Transmission: 7-spd S Tronic / AWD
P x L x H: 4915 x 1874 x 1455 mm
Wheelbase: 2912 mm


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