Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2013 Honda Brio Amaze
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Honda has been quiet for a while but the Japanese giant is far from sleeping. 2013 promises to be a milestone year for the brand in India and the story begins with this, the Honda Amaze. The Amaze is popularly being called the Brio sedan and that is what it is.

Honda have extended the wheelbase of the Brio platform, reworked the three-box body past the B-pillar to integrate the boot as cohesively as possible, adding minor design updates to the front fender and a flat rear fender that brings the car smoothly under the four-metre mark. The underpinnings are more or less the same as the Brio - McPherson struts up front and the torsion beam set up at the back. The wheels are also the same size as the Brio but with a new alloy design.

More Brio cues lie on the interior and that's a good thing. The Amaze features the same uncluttered, functional, good quality dash layout and Honda have used the extended wheelbase to create a spacious cabin, keeping the rear passengers comfortable.

Although pictures of the interior are not available, the Amaze will undoubtedly feature the same uncluttered dashboard that is found in the regular Brio.  Buyers with extra cash in their pocket will be able to order the car with an infotainment system controlled by a small dash-mounted touch-screen.
Honda's new 1.5-liter diesel-powered four-cylinder engine will make its debut in the Brio Amaze's engine bay.  Essentially a downsized variant of the Earth Dreams mill, the 1.5-liter i-DTEC reportedly sends 120 horsepower to the front set of wheels.

The compact sedan's other available engine is the time-tested 96-horsepower 1.2-liter four-cylinder VTEC.

The Brio Amaze will make its public debut in India early next year and it will gradually be offered in other countries such as Thailand and possibly China.  Honda does not plan on offering the car in Europe or in the United States, but the aforementioned 1.5-liter diesel could very well travel outside of Asia.  source:leftlanenews.com,overdrive.in

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