Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV
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The RAV4 EV is an all-electric version of Toyota's compact RAV4 crossover with a Tesla-sourced battery and powertrain. It is available only in California, and owes its existence largely to a mandate requiring 15.4 percent of new automobiles sold in the Golden State 2025 must be plug-ins, electrics or fuel cell vehicles by 2025.
Aside from a few minor styling tweaks, from the outside the RAV4 EV would seem to be a dead ringer for the gas-powered ute. The differences become apparent when one gets inside and twists the key - instead of firing up an internal combustion engine, this action turns on a Tesla-designed 115kW electric drive system.
  The next RAV4 should sit on a variation of the current model’s platform. But it will look like a new animal, thanks mostly to a smoother snout, a more steeply raked windshield, and the absence of an exterior-mounted spare tire. Our artist’s rendering applies Toyota’s latest design language to the shape of the prototype RAV4s we’ve seen. Basically, imagine a current-gen RAV4 mixed with the latest Camry sedan, and you’ve pretty much got it. Although this rendering speculates styling that’s something of a departure from that of the contemporary RAV4, it’s not too far off from what the European RAV4 has looked like for some time now.
 Buyers should again be able to spec their RAV4s with either front- or all-wheel drive, as is customary throughout the small-crossover arena. We expect the outgoing RAV4’s four- and six-cylinder engines to largely carry over to this new one; however, Toyota likely will upgrade to six-speed automatic transmissions for both engines. (Currently, the four-cylinder RAV4 gets an ancient four-speed auto and the brawny V-6 model gets a five-cog slushbox.)

Exterior revisions compared to the gas-powered RAV4 include a revised front bumper, grill, side mirrors and rear spoiler in addition to a special underbody design that maximizes air flow around the vehicle. These changes help cut drag to 0.30 Cd, making it the most aerodynamic crossover in the world. Headlights, taillights and daytime running lights are all upgraded to LED units.

The interior benefits from blue-accented "Neutron" fabric on the seat inserts and door trim as well as an eight-inch capacitive touch screen that displays navigation, telematics and battery charge info. Other changes include a unique instrument panel and a shifter borrowed from the Prius hybrid. In nearly all other respects the cabin is standard RAV4 fare, meaning it has intuitive controls and an uncluttered design, though the materials might disappoint some buyers given the EV's price point.
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