Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2014 BMW X5
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 in the middle of this year the company released a european vehicle origin newest car 2014 bmw x5 , who perfected the car the previous series . 2014 bmw x5 has many advantages compared to other cars in class . cars with European manufacturer has been tested for comfort and suspension while driving .

 manufacturer BMW European origin has been well known in all corners of the world . so no doubt the luxury of their products . 2014 bmw x5 is a superior product in great demand by consumers worldwide . This car is designed for a family car . so it is very appropriate for a happy family .

in terms of the interior of this car has many advantages such as , the cabin is very spacious , very complete multimedia features , equipped with LCD touch screen is very comfortable while driving . No wonder so many test

2014 bmw x5 engine didesaindengan as follows : . There 's diesel power available , insanely plush spin - offs with V - 8 thrust , sophisticated all-wheel - drive systems that provide moderate amounts of off -road capability , many features are added from 2014 bmw x5 and extravagant suspension systems meant to Muddle the crossover roots enough to make it more palatable than on- road . The familiar 300 - horsepower , 3.0 - liter , twin - turbo , in- line six - cylinder engine is the base engine , good for 0-60 mph times of about 6.2 seconds

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