Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2014 Honda Mobilio
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 At the end of this year the company released a new car that Honda 2014 Honda Mobilio . This car was designed with the family car . at the motor show yesterday in jakarta 2014 Honda Mobilio gave the car a different look than the other class. because it provides many advantages , so as to provide security for the 2014 Honda Mobilio car users .

 2014 Honda Mobilio is the best family car class that has several advantages including a luxurious design , comfortable suspension , can be through a variety of terrain and is perfect for families who like to travel .

 in terms of the car 's exterior has a spacious cabin and equipped with accessories to support the 2014 Honda Mobilio that seem more special. of the legs is equipped with a comfortable Skok . This car available in multiple colors including red , white , gray , cream , black . depending on your preference .

in terms of the car 's interior delengkapi comfortable seating and spacious . 2014 Honda Mobilio 8 seats available and equipped multimedia features such as audio , LCD touch screen .

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