2014 Seat Leon Cupra-Review Price Engine Specifications Image
 Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2014 Seat Leon Cupra
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2014 Seat Leon Cupra-Review Price Engine Specifications Image
 The Cupra 280 with optional DSG transmission, the brand’s top model catapults from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds, and in 5.8 seconds with the manual gearbox (Leon SC). The regulated top speed of 250 km/h is a matter of course. The maximum torque of 350 Newton metres across the wide range of 1,750 to 5,300 rpm guarantees impressive pulling power in every situation. And the Cupra with 195 kW / 265 PS and a maximum torque of 350 Newton metres is no more than a fraction slower. Its acceleration time stands at 5.9 seconds with manual transmission and 5.8 seconds with DSG (Leon SC).
2014 Seat Leon Cupra-Review Price Engine Specifications Image

2014 Seat Leon Cupra-Review Price Engine Specifications Image
 Against this, the new Leon Cupra is astonishingly efficient. The average fuel consumption for both power variants is just 6.4 litres with DSG (Leon 5D: 6.6) and 6.6 litres with the manual gearbox. This equates to CO2 figures of just 149 and 154 grams. And, compared with its predecessor, it means a reduction in emissions of 41 grams.

As a true sports engine, the 2.0 TSI reacts spontaneously to every movement of the gas pedal and is deliciously high revving – paired with a rich and refined sound that is aided and modulated by a sound actuator. The all-new power unit with its exceptionally responsive turbocharger is packed full with hi-tech and groundbreaking features – in the dual-injection system, the gasoline direct injection is complemented under partial load by manifold injection. Its optimum set-up reduces fuel consumption and particulate emissions. Cylinder fill is always in the optimum range – the camshafts are adjustable, with the valve lift system regulating opening on the exhaust side. The exhaust manifold is integrated into the cylinder head and is part of the intelligent thermal management system. A new kind of coating on the aluminium pistons and the bearings keeps friction to a minimum. The Cupra efficiency package also includes the start/stop system and brake energy regeneration.
2014 Seat Leon Cupra-Review Price Engine Specifications Image

Also standard equipment, are the full-LED headlamps and the LED rear lights. Alongside their distinctive design, LED headlamps have many further benefits – they illuminate the road ahead at a colour temperature of 5,300 Kelvin. Because this is very similar to daylight, it places very little strain on the eyes. When it comes to efficiency, the LEDs consume minimal energy – dipped beam, for instance, draws just 20 watts per unit.

The top sports seats in Alcantara, the Cupra steering wheel and the Media System Plus with a 5.8-inch colour touchscreen are all among the standard interior features in addition to the extensive base equipment of the Leon FR. One particular feature in the Cupra interior is the ambient lighting. LEDs in the door panels emphasize the contours of the interior design and add to the premium feel of the passenger compartment. At the same time, the ambient lighting offers occupants improved orientation and an even greater sense of spaciousness. The colour of the LEDs can be adapted via the Cupra Drive Profile – they glow red in Cupra mode, with the standard setting being white.

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