2014 volkswagen polo-Review Specs Photos Engine
 Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2014 volkswagen polo
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2014 volkswagen polo-Review Specs Photos Engine
 This is the new VW Polo to face-off the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa. The irony in this car arriving from the trouble stems That the German maker has faced in the U.S. - where VW board members have Blamed long model cycles with minor facelifts : such as this - as the reason why sales fell and its North America boss stepped down late last year . At least the new sheetmetal Polo Brings some welcome changes under - That barely changed.
2014 volkswagen polo-Review Specs Photos Engine
 There are big changes under the hood as well, With the Polo -compliant engines featuring US6 That up to 21 percent are more economical . VW will introduce two new 3 -cylinder 1.4 -liter diesel engines with 74hp ( 75PS ) and 89hp ( 90PS ) That will replace the Corresponding 1.2 -liter and 1.6 - liter TDI units from the current model .
Gasoline units include two new 1.0- liter MPI engines with 59hp ( 60PS ) and 74hp ( 75PS ) Replacing the current model 's 1.2 - liter MPI units . The two 1.2 - liter TSI engines with 89hp ( 90PS ) and 104hp ( 105PS ) will be Retained , as will the 1.4 - liter TSI unit with cylinder deactivations (ACT ) . The Latter will feature a power increase of 10PS to 150PS ( 148hp ) . VW says the Polo GTI hot -hatch Also arriving next year will feature a power increase .
In Addition, in the UK , the diesel - powered Polo BlueMotion is replaced by the new petrol - powered TSI BlueMotion Polo , que returns 68.9 mpg UK on the combined cycle with CO2 Emissions of 94 g / km. It makes use of a new 89hp ( 90PS ) 1.0- liter turbocharged three- cylinder engine .

2014 volkswagen polo-Review Specs Photos Engine
 Front end
The front-end design -has a much more three- dimensional and sporty look due to its redesigned bumper and larger lower air intake . A new chrome trim strip is a design- structuring element That joins the two visually fog lights and the Polo Gives a wider look. At the same time , the trim strip visual shifts the center of gravity further downward . Meanwhile , another element chrome Also formally supports the integration of the grille into the headlight design on the Volkswagen Polo Comfortline and Highline , this chrome line joins the centers of the headlights With the Horizontal alignment of the radiator grille , que Also makes a sophisticated impression .

2014 volkswagen polo-Review Specs Photos Engine
 LED headlights
The latest generation Polo introduce a very innovative lighting design into the model series. Volkswagen has developed Entirely new headlights in LED technology for the top version Polo - a first in the series and The entire model class . These dual LED headlights , With Their highly detailed design avant -garde , are unmistakable - even from a distance - and feature prominent reflectors . The light of the LED headlights is even whiter and more similar to daylight than That of xenon headlights , and it is less straining to the eyes of drivers while driving at dawn or dusk or at night . The LED headlights will be available for the Volkswagen Polo Trendline , Comfortline , Highline and GTI.

2014 volkswagen polo-Review Specs Photos Engine
 Rear section
In the rear bumper area, the car 's width is further developed by Emphasised styling , cleaner layout to landscape and a wider cut -out for the license plate . The trapezoidal outer contour of this area extends into the rear wheels , que Creates a more dynamic stress of surfaces . The rear reflectors embedded in the bumper Also give the visual impression of Greater width . The redesigned rear lights Were as well .
Side profile
From the side , the updated Polo can be made ​​out by its six new alloy wheel designs of a Total of ten offered. New to the wheel line -up are the standard alloy wheels for the Polo Comfortline (15 inch ) and for the Polo Highline (16 inch) . The newly developed 17 - inch alloy wheel can be ordered as an option . There are three other new alloy wheels for the Polo BlueMotion (15 inch ) CrossPolo (17 inch ) and Polo GTI (17 inch ) model versions . New wheel covers of the standard 15-inch steel wheels Were Also designed for the entry-level version .

2014 volkswagen polo-Review Specs Photos Engine
Eight new body colors
Eight of the 15 available colors are new: " Pure White" , " Urano Grey ," " Blue Silk Metallic " (until now an exclusive color for the Polo BlueGT ) , "Sunset Red Metallic", "Corn Flower Blue" , "Clear Water Blue Metallic "(special color for the Polo BlueMotion ) as well as" Honey Orange Metallic "and" Titanium Beige Metallic " (custom colors for the CrossPolo ) .
New layout of instruments and center console
Many new ergonomic and visual improvements made ​​Have Been inside the latest VW Polo . Along with the new three -spoke steering wheels of the Golf class , the new instrument cluster with its 3D look tube is a prominent visual highlight . The instruments , que are styled in the typical Volkswagen design language , are finely detailed and very precise in Their workmanship . The layout of controls on the redesigned center console is very intuitive . On the upper level monitoring , just beneath the air vents , control panel is That has-been expanded from seven to nine buttons ; Positioned in the middle and easy to reach, for instance , is the hazard lights unit . source: carmagazine.co.uk, carscoops.com, netcarshow.com

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