2015 Fiat Panda Cross-Review Specs Photos
 Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2015 Fiat Panda Cross
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2015 Fiat Panda Cross-Review Specs Photos
 Every detail of the Panda Cross has been designed to make it immediately recognisable and distinctive, with a stylistic language typical of an SUV.

The front-end features a brand-new look, thanks to the new bumper, which features a generous skid plate in a satin titanium colour for the protection of mechanical components with a design of holes which reinterprets the Panda's characteristic "squircle" motif. The robust, off-road character is highlighted by tow hooks with an immediately recognisable new design in a brilliant red. The light clusters too are brand new, thanks to the headlights and new fog lights integrated with the logo holder bonnet trim, and to the new DRLs with LED technology, built into the skid plate.

2015 Fiat Panda Cross-Review Specs Photos
 From the side, certain specific elements, such as the pronounced wheel arches, mouldings with 'Cross' badge and the new roof bars which both take up the finish of the skid plate, stand out. The 15" alloy wheels feature a 5-spoke V design and a burnished metal finish.

The rear end too is characterised by a highly distinctive look, a new bumper with under-body protection which takes up the design and finish of the front skid plate, a new burnished light cluster and the chrome tail pipe.

We have never gotten the Fiat Panda in North America, but the little city car has represented the entry level into the Fiat range in Europe since 1980. Unlike many of these foreign subcompacts, it was also offered in the 4X4 trim level with a higher ride height and all-wheel drive. The Italian brand will take that idea even further at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show on March 4, with the new Panda Cross.

2015 Fiat Panda Cross-Review Specs Photos
 The Panda Cross is meant to be a city car that drivers can also take off-road if need arises. Its all-wheel drive system comes with a standard electronic-locking differential to manage torque delivery, and drivers can lock the diff, at speeds under 30 miles per hour, to improve traction further. The mini off-roader comes with either a 1.3-liter diesel four-cylinder with 80 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque or the 900cc turbocharged two-cylinder with 90 hp and 107 lb-ft. Both engines have standard stop/start and are mated to a six-speed manual.

Fiat has put most effort into the Cross' exterior to make it look ready to get muddy. It has a redesigned front bumper with integrated fog lights and a titanium-painted air dam, meant to look like a front skid plate. The rear is also reworked with chrome tailpipes and another titanium-painted faux-skid plate. It promises the modifications aren't entirely aesthetic, but improve approach and departure angles while off road. While Fiat has not released any images of the interior, it promises a mix of fabric and fake leather seats, and copper-color trim on the dash.

2015 Fiat Panda Cross-Review Specs Photos
 The new Panda Cross is the top-of-the-range model as its complete and unique standard equipment demonstrates. This includes: automatic climate control, CD/MP3 radio with Blue&MeTM system with steering wheel controls, specific 15" alloy wheels, electric door mirrors, central locking with remote control, rear headrests, height-adjustable steering wheel, fog lights, steering wheel controls, leather steering wheel and gear knob, height-adjustable driver's seat, ESC system complete with ELD and 'All Seasons' 185/65R15 tyres. Moreover, a vast range of optional equipment and accessories is available, to further enhance its mainly urban or off-road use as required. These include the heated windscreen, the privacy windows and the innovative City Brake Control system which last year received the 'Euro NCAP Advanced 2013' award.

The Panda Cross offers the innovative 'City Brake Control' on request. This active safety system detects the presence of other vehicles or obstacles in front of the car and automatically brakes if the driver fails to intervene promptly to avoid collision or mitigate its consequences. Winner of the prestigious 'Euro NCAP Advanced 2013' award, the device was designed to assist city driving and always operates when the car speed is between 5 and 30 km/h. Active every time the car is started, the system can be disabled and enabled at the request of the driver.

2015 Fiat Panda Cross-Review Specs Photos
In detail, the 'City Brake Control' system employs a LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) laser sensor, positioned on the upper part of the windscreen, which dialogues with the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system. Depending on certain parameters (such as road surface conditions, vehicle dynamics and trajectories, position of obstacles and condition of the tyres etc.), by cutting in the system can completely avoid or mitigate the consequences of a collision.

The sophisticated device integrates three functions: Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Prefill and Brake Assist. While respecting the driver's wishes, who remains in full control of the car, the AEB activates emergency braking when a collision appears inevitable and the driver fails to react, thereby actually anticipating their reaction. The "Prefill" function, on the other hand, prefills the braking system to provide a quicker response both when Automatic Emergency Braking intervenes and if the driver brakes. Brake Assist, last of all, identifies emergency situations and, if collision is imminent, the system becomes more sensitive, lending power to the braking action to permit a reduction in stopping distance. source: autoblog.com, netcarshow.com

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