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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Design and technology

Because sharing a platform with the Strada Triton, Pajero Sport outer appearance is quite similar to his brother, especially on the front. In terms of looks, Pajero Sport looks more "stylish" than the Fortuner, especially Everest. Design Pajero more "sweet" and modern, which combined a pair of muscular fenders. In addition, the Pajero fitted roof rails and foot step to facilitate female passengers climbed into the cabin. Home side rearview mirror is also wrapped to chrome accents add a luxurious impression.

Dimensions looks more compact, but more width when compared to Everest (1788 mm), and shorter than Fortuner (1850 mm). With a length of 4695 mm, width 1815 mm, height 1840 mm and 2800 mm wheelbase, Pajero Sport as an estate that stands tall. 215 mm ground clearance enough to traverse the heap of stone, soil, and even puddles in the streets when the city was flooded.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Interior

Pajero Sport pamper riders through the meter cluster is attractively designed and equipped with back-lit meters which gives the appearance of luxury and easy to read. The system used is capable of playing audio and imbued CD/MP3/WMA USB port. Meanwhile, the steering wheel has been equipped with audio switch controls which can be used adjust the volume, track selections, and sound mode controls.

Pajero Sport cabin feels quite comfortable thanks to the wrapping material for leather seats. Leg and head room is also quite a relief, both in the front, middle, and rear. Luggage space is available quite widely. And there is enough extra space behind the third row seat. We can save a few items covered under the floor cover floor. If the baggage is still deemed less roomy, we can pull the lever in the middle of each row seat to fold it. Mitsubishi claims, reached 866 liter trunk capacity when the third row seats folded and 1649 liters with the third and second row seats folded.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Performance

The heart pacemaker is still using a model that had already been used Strada Triton, which is 2.5 liter, DOHC, turbodiesel intercooler, with common-rail technology. Power 136 hp at 3500 rpm and 314 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. Power and torque are channeled into the two rear wheels via a 4-speed automatic trasnmisi INVECS-II.

For power and torque, the Pajero Sport came in second place after the Ford Everest (143 hp and 330 Nm). While the Fortuner was in a position protruding (102 hp and 260 Nm). Despite weighing nearly 2 tons, the performance of the proffered Pajero Sport sufficient. Acceleration 0-100 kpj, finished in 16.3 seconds (14.6 seconds Everest). Acceleration 0-402 meters with a time of 20.6 seconds achieved by speed of 113.8 kpj.


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