Informations Specifications Modifications Image Review 2011 Skoda Yeti
Combining the best parts of a small hatchback and an off-roader, the Skoda Yeti is labelled as a 'crossover' in a similar vein as the Nissan Qashqai. It may not seem like an obvious mix but it works very well with the affordability and running costs of a normal hatch blended with the extra practicality and chunky styling of a 4x4.
The result is a real success and the Skoda Yeti is a great family car that's versatile and roomy. Inside there's plenty of space for four adults, with impressive legroom for those in the back, plus a large boot. The tall shape helps in terms of headroom and makes the cabin feel light and spacious. Thanks to a forgiving ride, it's incredibly comfortable too and means long journeys needn't be a chore.
Like many cars of this ilk, it's available with four-wheel drive, which is useful in slippery conditions or if you regularly tow a trailer. But what does surprise is how genuinely capable the Yeti is when tackling off-road terrain, even in situations where you might expect a traditional 4x4 to struggle.
It's just as good on the road with neatly responsive steering, good body control in bends and a positive gear change. As a result it's easy to drive and park in town, but also composed at motorway speeds and will happily cruise along with minimal fuss.
A carefully balanced running gear concept allows the driver to implement what the design implies: fun and dynamic to drive. The Yeti distinguishes itself with very agile handling coupled with high safety reserves. As well as the stylish exterior of the Yeti, the driver and passengers feel safe.
This impression is reinforced, among other things, by the turbo-charged and frugal engines. Two petrol engines and three diesel are on offer: The entry unit (front wheel drive), a petrol engine with four cylinders and 1.2 litre capacity, delivers 77 kW thanks to a power-providing turbo charger (105 PS). The fuel consumption stays within tight limits.
An impressive front end with a ribbed grille and friendly looking headlamps confidently demonstrate Yeti’s relationship with the ŠKODA family. Sturdy flanks and distinct wings give Yeti its robust and solid look on 17 inch wheels, without coming across as heavy.

It meets the demands for a cleanly styled body, a high seat position and versatile operating options with a design, which despite its robustness, exudes lightness rather than bulky shapes. The Yeti also meets the needs for environmental care, luggage space, safety and great road holding. The luggage compartment volume is flexible; up to 1760 litres is available by removing the rear seats. A carefully balanced running gear concept allows the driver to implement what the design implies: fun and dynamic to drive.
The Yeti is a clever compact SUV that is bound to create a stir in this segment. Excellent handling characteristics and high agility are features of all trims. The 4×4 variants are also characterised by outstanding off-road suitability and excellent traction. These, coupled with superb emission values and low fuel consumption meet the needs for a socially acceptable extension of the SUV class.


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