Information Modification Specifications Image 2012 Peugeot Hoggar
HOGGAR demonstrates Peugeot’s ambition for internationalisation and confirms the acceleration of the Marque’s strategy.Designed in Brazil for the Brazilian market, this pick-up is perfectly adapted to the local clientele’s expectations. It allows Peugeot to endorse and expand its status and links as a local manufacturer.
A world first, it revives the historical savoir-faire of the Marque by merging it with the future. HOGGAR subtly combines the robustness and reliability of a pick-up with the design and dynamism that distinguishes the Marque.
With HOGGAR, Peugeot brings a touch of seduction and emotion to the world of Pick-ups.
The comfort and quality of the finish of HOGGAR will seduce the most exacting customer because it does not compromise function for style. This is thanks to a load volume of 1151 litres and a payload of up to 742kg, which makes this vehicle a point of reference for the market.
The name HOGGAR, taken from a Peugeot concept car, evokes a world which combines strength, durability and action.

Interior: good taste and comfort for the occupants
The interior of the Peugeot Hoggar pick-up, the fourth member of the 207 range in Brazil, has the same contemporary design as the other models in the family.
The undulating console has a variegated grain trim with a pleasant touch. Inspired by the world of motorbikes, the dashboard has three circular dials that evoke precision instruments. The functions are clearly displayed, making it easy for the driver to read them.
The cab has side windows that improve the occupants' peripheral vision and contribute to the model's overall aesthetic harmony. The rear window has a sliding panel, even in the range entry model. A glass-holder can be fitted in the central console and numerous items can be stored in the door pockets.
The interior layout enables the driver to find a good driving position easily, as the steering wheel and the folding and anti-dive seats are height-adjustable.
The interior area can easily hold compact luggage. With the seats folded right down, the capacity of the cab rises to a volume of 120 litres, up to the height of the load space, so the driver can store rucksacks and other items.
The Peugeot Hoggar's cab has plenty of room for a toolbox. Easily accessible (behind the driver's seat and under the mat), a single compartment holds a wheel spanner, a warning triangle, a towing ring and a jack.

The suspension enhances driving pleasure
In order to adapt the conditions of use to those of a utility vehicle, Peugeot has designed a reinforced suspension system that, even with a maximum load, gives the pick-up's dynamic driving the level of comfort so dear to the marque.
It has independent McPherson type front suspension with an anti-roll bar. The new firmer calibration of the helicoidal springs enhances rigidity. The shock absorbers (with integral hydraulic brakes) have also been readjusted with the aim of increasing their durability.
The rear suspension system, in constant demand when the vehicle is loaded, was borrowed from the Partner utility vehicle. Renowned on the market for its reliability and strength, the system has low maintenance costs. Compact, composed of shock absorbers that have been readjusted and are positioned almost on the horizontal, it means that the load space has a completely flat floor.
The trailing arms rear axle comprises independent wheels and anti-roll and transverse torsion bars. The hydraulic shock absorbers have been recalibrated, and the suspension arms, given a new geometry, are 10 mm longer so they are in line with the pick-up wheels.
Another specific modification concerns the local development of new suspension stops and suspension arm brackets, adapted to the new brake control system. Partner has one and the Peugeot Hoggar has two. This guarantees a high level of efficiency, enabling the system to operate safely whatever the vehicle's load.
All these modifications, together with the extreme rigidity of the platform, produce a model with precise driving behaviour and excellent running gear. The aim of this design is to ensure high quality stability, comfort and easy driving comparable to a saloon, in line with Peugeot's firm commitment to manufacture vehicles that are benchmarks in terms of driving enjoyment.
the Hoggar "subtly combines the robustness and reliability of a pick-up with the design and dynamism that distinguishes" Peugeot from the competition. More importantly, the truck has a payload capacity of 742 kilograms (1636 pounds) and a bed that holds 1151 liters (40.6 cubic feet) of cargo.
While details are limited, engine options include 1.4- and 1.6-liter units. The company declined to specify if they were diesels or petrols.

Driving Impression
The next level up from the X-Line, the intermediate XR version, also equipped with a Flex 1.4 engine, has an extra touch of sportiness, starting with the front headlights set in a black mask that accentuates the model's feline look. The model boasts another equally modern aesthetic element. Two longitudinal bars of innovative design run around the cab. Designed to help when attaching loads, they also facilitate access to the cab, assisted by the side step. They support two dual position transverse bars that can hold certain items and can take a maximum weight of 70 kg.
The jovial look of the Peugeot Hoggar pick-up is enhanced by mixed-use 175/70 R14 H tyres (Pirelli Scorpion ATR), on the 14 inch wheels with sporty trims. The XR version also comes with a digital clock on the dashboard, front fog lights with a surround in body colour and hydraulic power steering.,


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