BMW 760Li Cars Reviews And Wallpapers With Specification and images

BMW's "New 7" was introduced, but what an eventful year for BMW. No mere evolutionary

product, The New 7 was instead a bold statement about who BMW is, what BMW stands for,

and where BMW intends to go. "With help from its suppliers," stated no less august a

source than Automotive Engineering International in its March '02 issue, "BMW has

produced a vehicle that blazes the engineering trail with innovations that will influence

passenger vehicles for years to come. The new BMW 7 Series was selected by the readers

and editors of AEI as Best Engineered Vehicle for 2002 because it points the way not only

for luxury/performance sedans but also for other vehicle segments."
Heart of the 760Li: A new V-12 engine of dazzling technology and performance

As BMW had offered a 12-cylinder model in the previous 7 Series, the 750iL, it was

natural and expected that a 12-cylinder version of the new Series would in time make its



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