Specifications - prices Modifications and Images all-new Toyota Yaris

PT Toyota-Astra Motor presents New Yaris with a more fresh, stylish, feature rich and certainly more Groovy to young people in Indonesia. New Views of the New Yaris is Toyota's commitment to always provide the best products and quality services to its customers. New Yaris is present to meet the needs of young people are stylish, energetic and updated, it is filled by the New Yaris through new and updated look that fits to be taken to all places, and strong performance from the proven 1NZ-FE engine in both slalom racing arena racing or touring. And it's all enhanced with after-sales service of Toyota's increasingly widespread in Asia the New Yaris makes the right choice that gives the sensation of driving fun. It is designed for young people so that raised an elegant design.

With the support of engine 1NZ-FE VVT-i, making New Yaris has tremendous power, nimble and agile. This is demonstrated with brilliant performance of the Yaris is a champion in the event Slalom National Championships 2008. Also New Yaris engine also meets the criteria of ethanol fuel (E20) is environmentally friendly. So many cars yaris used as a racing car.


The latest from New Yaris is the existence of entertainment facilities for youngsters such as switches and new steering audio connector. New audio connector (all grades) that serves as an auxiliary input (AUX IN) that can connect a music player such as MP3 or other audio gadgets. With the connector is increasingly emphasized as a vehicle Yaris young fashionable, stylish and groovy. It is also very nice to drive long distance and short distance.

 "Views of New Yaris is more fresh and update it in line with the spirit of young people who are always stylish, energetic and always updated. This proves that the Yaris has become soulmate young people in Indonesia who Groovy. Good product, high performance and quality of service supported workshops throughout Indonesia Toyota New Yaris makes a good choice for driving, and very suitable for the youth of today. "said Johnny Darmawan, president director of PT Toyota Astra Motor.

 New Yaris comes in petrol variant with the 6 color choices are Super White II, Super Red V, Silver Metallic, Medium Silver Metallic, Black Mica, and Light Blue Mica. There are six variants of grade is offered at the New Yaris is, namely the type of Manual J, J automatic, E manual, automatic E, S S automatic and manual which is the latest variant of the New Yaris.

Views fresh New Yaris ekteriornya indicated by the design of stylish and groovy. Design firm with strong lines and refreshment on the front bumper, front bumper spoiler (S grades), rear bumper, rear bumper spoiler (S grades) more refreshing New Yaris. New design of the radiator grille, rear combination lamp, head lamp, engine hood ornament, alloy wheels, fog lamp cover garnishes and aero mudguard (E grades),makes New Yaris is more suitable for SHOW TIME !.

The most proud of the New Yaris is the contribution of the designers of TAM along with the winner of Design Contest 2008 Toyota New Yaris makes a unique and special in Indonesia specialized in the Indonesian market, such as the shape of the engine hood ornament, garnish and fog lamp cover aero mudguard. Other accomplishments achieved by the TAM is trusted to produce accessories, accessories from New Yaris for export to the ASEAN regional countries. Very proud of this achievement because Indonesia is not a production base in New Yaris will however be trusted to produce accessories, accessories from New Yaris.

The overall development in the design of New Yaris is Toyota's commitment to always deliver the best in products and services. "As part of our thanks to Toyota's loyal customers, we are always innovating to provide the best in product quality and optimal service. May the New Yaris is increasingly becoming a dream for everyone, especially young people in Indonesia, "added Johnny Darmawan.



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