New BMW 760Li High Security cars wallpapers and images with Review specification

The new-generation BMW 7 Series is making yet another world debut at this year's Geneva

Motor Show - this time in the guise of the BMW 760Li High Security. Based on the top-of-

the-range 760Li 12-cylinder, this fourth generation of BMW security vehicles complying

with bullet-proof standard B6/B7 meets the highest and most demanding security

On the same occasion BMW is also presenting the 330i Security as a protection vehicle

complying with the B4 bullet-proof standard. And from September 2003 the 8-cylinder BMW

745Li will also be available as a High Security model.
The BMW 760Li High Security meets the requirements of the German Federal Crime Office for

security vehicles used by the German Government (B6/B7). It is therefore able to

withstand even attacks with explosives or bullets of the armour-breaking 7.62x54R API

calibre often used by terrorist organisations. To meet this supreme standard, the 760Li

High Security has gone through elaborate firing and other tests conducted by a German

bullet and firing inspection authority.


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