Here's a great oppurtunity to protect yourself and your car. Get yourself a MyTVS 24x7 Emergency services membership card. As a proud owner of this card, you can be sure of a hassle free drive across the entire nation*.

In case of any emergency in your car, all you have to do is give MyTVS a call. We will get to you within the shortest possible time and get you back on the road! The moment you call the 24 Hrs helpline, our call centre swings into action. Within moments you will be on a conference call with one of our ASPs (Authorised Service Providers) who is nearest to your location. The ASP will then assess the situation and reach you in the shortest possible time. 

Its not just for an emergency, even if your battery is dead on a fine morning, and you are unable to start your car, you can avail this service. Things like, when you are on the move for an important meeting with a client, and your engine overheats, you wonder what to do, risk driving the car? or hitch a ride in an auto? It would also be best to have helping hands who can take care of your car...
Here is an answer to all of that... at a price which wouldnt buy you even 15 litres of petrol for a whole year...

Rs 999/- will fetch you all these services for 1 year. Check out the link for more details and online subscription.


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