Specifications-prices Modifications and Images all-new Honda Jazz

New Honda Jazz is designed full of a very luxurious interior.

With a stark white color and felk Croom so impressed luxurious interior. glance, very elegant for those who see it.

and therein is designed for driving comfort with the many facilities in it. sure everyone has a dream to have a car like this.

Small outside but spacious inside. This car is a form of Honda's global platform in terms of efficiency cabin relief and in terms of creating innovative new standard vehicle.

Seating position can be arranged so that the flexibility of space cabin can be adjusted as needed. This can be done thanks to Honda's innovation with central fuel tank layout.

With this innovation, setting up seating position can be more flexible so as to provide ample scope for flexibility to move and wider luggage.

ULTRA Seat or in America known as the Magic Seat is used to maximize the flexibility of Honda Jazz to facilitate seating arrangements.
60:40 Comparison of seating arrangement allows the baggage area to load goods extended to the rear seating area with folding rear seats.
Even the front passenger seat can be in alignment 180 degrees to create a wider cargo space again. So it can load the goods lengthwise dimension.
Simply push the driver's seat by using the handy slider lever located on the rear seat shoulder. Then fold the rear seats forward with the handle on the shoulders of the chair. All can be done in seconds.



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