Specification image modification exterior interior price review 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C
Just drive' is a clear invitation to experience those genuine sensations that only Alfa Romeo is able to offer. The new signature that will accompany the communication of the Alfa Romeo models originates with the presentation of the Alfa Romeo 4C, the small thoroughbred car that marks the return of the brand to the world of lightweight sports coupés.

Extraordinary performance, unique handling, extreme aerodynamics and design that takes up the stylistic features of the Alfa Romeo tradition. This in brief is the new Alfa Romeo 4C, a driving machine without compromise that beckons drivers to take to the road or track to experience the thrill of driving it.
The Alfa Romeo 4C is essentiality and light weight, a car where everything has been designed to provide total driving pleasure. That same essentiality shaped its design. The car expresses a "natural beauty" that results from a perfect blend of function and form. Its layout and size immediately brings one of the most beautiful coupés of all time to mind, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Like the legendary 33 Stradale, the 4C is designed to meet extreme mechanical and functional requirements. Its body aerodynamically 'covers' the engine and chassis with clean and essential surfaces.

 Manufactured by Maserati in Modena to be sold through Maserati dealers in the U.S., the new 4C is principally light, though not quite as light as Alfa is claiming. Italian carmakers have this horrible habit of weighing cars without certain fluids—oil, gas, coolant, transmission and brake. They also tend to leave out airbags. The result is a meaningless number they call “dry weight.” Alfa claims the U.S.-spec 4C will weigh 2083 pounds (the Euro version will weigh about 100 pounds less because of no side or knee airbags, no A/C, and a fixed, non-sliding passenger seat). I’m here to tell you that the 4C’s actual weight is going to be closer to 2500 pounds, if not more. Alfa’s number is pure fantasy, and besides, 2500 pounds is really light these days. That’s about what a Fiat 500 weighs.

 Having defined the 4C's architecture, Alfa Romeo engineers started to search for the most suitable materials for this solution. Aluminium, steel, SMC and carbon fibre were chosen for their ability to combine lightness and efficiency. In this way a total dry weight of only 895 kg was achieved. This record makes the Alfa Romeo 4C one of the lightest cars in the world.

After choosing the materials, the designers worked on all external and internal flows of the car, paying close attention to every detail necessary to decrease the creation of vortices and at the same time to ensure cooling of the engine compartment. On top of this special design of the rear and lower underbody air intakes and over 200,000 hours of optimisation in the wind tunnel and on the track were added. The final result is a Cx equal to 0.34, the best value among cars with negative lift.

The Alfa Romeo 4C achieves maximum aerodynamic efficiency levels, guaranteeing a negative Cz which, as in racing cars, contributes towards achieving increased stability at higher speeds thanks to the negative lift.

 Of particular note inside is the central tub’s exposed carbon fiber. Unlike most cars, which want to show off their CF intensity by wrapping either the mirrors or the front splitter in carbon, in the 4C you’re seated in the actual business. It’s captivating, and frankly the first time I’ve liked exposed carbon on a car’s interior. Speaking of captivating, I wish you all could stand behind the 4C’s sport exhaust as it goes wide open. What a glorious devil’s trombone of a noisemaker. Alfa, I implore you, bring on the roadster, which would be easy to do because of that super-stiff carbon-fiber tub. McLaren claims that it experienced no loss of stiffness when cut off the 12C’s roof, and Alfa said the same would be true with the 4C. However, try as I might I couldn’t get them to admit that they’re working on a 4C Spider, though they’d be tone deaf not to. The hard part will be figuring out where to stick a folded top. The sport exhaust is an option, though it will be standard on the Launch Edition 4Cs. Either way, check that box.source:netcarshow.com, motortrends.com

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