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 Previous suggestions had painted a picture involving a mid-mounted V8 engine, rather than the Maserati-based V12 that motivated the Enzo. That V8 was believed to be direct injected and twin-turbocharged, but it is believed now that the V12 will be the engine of choice, at least at launch, with the V8 possible coming later down the road.

 Like the original Enzo, the car's successor will be a range-topping supercar aimed at immortalizing the legendary founder of the brand. Available only to select current Ferrari owners, the next-generation Enzo will serve as the brand's performance and technology showcase. Based - at least in concept - on the Ferrari Millechili show car (though the production Enzo replacement won't carry that name), the performance car will be loaded with the technology learned from years of Formula 1 experience.

 Key to addressing the fuel economy issue is a significant weight and size reduction, which should bring the car well down from the just-over 3,000 lbs. of its predecessor; previous rumors out of Ferrari's Maranello headquarters indicated that weight could approach 2,200 lbs, but with the larger engine now back in the picture, that number will likely grow. Improved aerodynamics, including adjustable front and rear spoilers, will not only help the new Enzo stick to the road at maximum speeds, but it will also ensure reduced fuel consumption.

assume that those people must be happy because horsepower is happiness, and the driver has 950 at his command. The 6.3-liter V-12 makes 789 at 9000 rpm—and revs another 250 rpm beyond that—as well as 516 pound-feet at 6750. And we were impressed by the 730 hp this engine makes in the F12 Berlinetta. A lighter crankshaft, variable-length intake runners, and equal-length six-into-one headers hydroformed from Inconel help make the extra 59 hp. An electric motor hanging off the back of the seven-speed automated-manual transaxle contributes another 161 hp, and Ferrari only will say that the combo makes more than 660 lb-ft of torque.source;caranddriver.com,leftlanenews.com
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